Doodle Overlays Freebie

Before I get to the freebie I want to tell you about my day yesterday. A year ago my hubby had a heart attack. He went to the hospital and they put in some stints. A few months later he had to go back to have a couple more stints put in. For the past 6 months or so hubby has been having a lot of problems like he did before the stints were put in. So yesterday we went back to hospital and he was to have more put in. Instead they had to put in a balloon because the blockage was too close to his heart. Everything went well. He was sitting up and had no pain after is was over, well except for his wrist where they inserted into his vein to place the balloon.

The drive to the hospital is a little over an hour and it takes awhile to drive it now because of the hurricane and roads being closed. Hubby had to stay overnight in the hospital so I drove home. Don’t know how a drive home could be one of the worst days of my life but it was.

Leaving the hospital a bird flew right into my windshield and scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t do anything about the bird because of all the traffic, so I kept driving but was needing a soda or something to drink so I saw a grocery store and stopped. I went inside looking for a “Coke” but couldn’t find one. I walked up and down the isles but never saw a cold coke machine anywhere.

I finally asked a sales girl who was stocking food. She took me to a refrigerated section with soda’s that were made by the store but there were no “Cokes”. Then I realized that there were also no other brand name of sodas either and I thought that was a little weird so I left.

Then, I got turned around somehow (maybe because I kept trying to figure out why that store had no name brand sodas, lol) and got lost. So, I saw a station that sold gas and went inside to ask how to get home. The girl told me so I drove it.

An hour later I realized I was going the wrong way. So again, I had to stop and get directions. This time a guy told me the way to go but I soon realized I was headed back to where I came from. This was great, another hour had passed and I was back where I started from. This was getting me nowhere and I was so frustrated. I was also scared, tired and hungry and just wanted to get home.

So I pulled over in a parking lot and started to cry. A lady walked over and knocked on my window and asked me if I was okay. I told her everything that had happened and she pulled out her phone and got a map for me to look at so I could get back home. I didn’t know who she was and it had already started to rain and the weather was really awful and hard to see to drive.

Anyway, with her directions I finally made it home. By the time I got here I was too tired to cook so I watched a little tv and then fell asleep. So that was my day yesterday and I am happy that hubby is now fine. At least something good came out of that horrible day yesterday. I have to drive back up there today to pick him up and I am NOT looking forward to the drive at all.

Okay, so here’s that freebie I promised you. This is a set of 3 (hand drawn) doodle paper templates for digital designers. The paper templates measure 12 x 12 in (300 dpi) and can be used for your personal and/or commercial use but please read my TOU if you have any questions. thanks!

Doodle Overlays Freebie

Download from DropBox HERE