3-D Stars

Before I get to the freebie I wanted to let you know that I’m having a sale in my shop right now. I’m retiring some tagger kits to make room for new products that I want to add to the shop. These taggers kits are on sale from now until the end of this month and then they will be removed from my shop forever. You can find these products in my shop HERE and below are a few previews of the tagger kits you’ll find there:

Christmas Spirit Tagger Kit Comfy Tagger Kit
Imagine Tagger Kit Mommy Day Tagger Kit
Spring Blush Tagger Kit Small World Tagger Kit
Vixen Tagger Kit Funny Valentine Tagger Kit


This digital pack includes 16 elements in assorted sizes and colors.
These are for your personal and/or commercial use but please read my TOU if you have any questions.
Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

3D Stars Element Pack Freebie
Download from DropBox HERE

You and Me

Well I was going to tell you all about yesterday and bringing hubby home from the hospital but I am just too tired and still a little upset over everything that happened before he was able to come home, that I just don’t feel like going through the whole drama all over again.

Suffice it to say,  it did NOT go as we both planned and he had to stay until 4:00 pm because they had to run more tests on him. But he is home now and he is well (so far) so I will leave it at that for now. And, hopefully he will STAY that way for awhile.

So I was going to resize this digital scrap kit for taggers to use but after thinking about it for a little while, I decided against it. There might be some digital scrapbook artists out there who might want to use this for scrapping some digital layouts. And taggers (like myself) can always resize these larger kits if they’re too big to use. So in the long run, I felt like everyone would be happy with this freebie I created. This kit is for YOUR personal use only. thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

You and Me Digital Kit Freebie

Download from DropBox HERE

Autumn QP Freebie

Before I get to the freebie I wanted to tell you about my new mega tagger kit I just added to my shop. For those who don’t know, I like to sew. I have always made my own clothes since I was in grade school. It’s something I did when I was playing with Barbie and wanted new clothes for her but couldn’t find any I liked so I just made my own. In Junior High I made clothes for a class project and had to wear them and walk a runway so all the school could see them. I remember I made a jumper and it had a little pocket on the front top of it which was crooked, lol. I was so proud of that jumper because it was my first time learning to sew properly on a machine.

As the years went by I made other clothes for myself and then started sewing for the home. I recovered cushions, made pillows, made curtains, and then started making quilts. Quilting was something I also did as a job for awhile and when my hubby hated his job I told him to quit and we lived off of what I made with my quilting. We were a team. He cut all the patterns for the quilts and I sewed them. This went on for a few years and when family members started asking (and sometimes telling me) to make them a quilt here and a quilt there, I knew it was time to find something else to do.

So, I’ve been watching a lot of streaming shows on Hulu and Project Runway has always been one of my favorites. As I was watching some of the old shows I realized how it would be nice to create a tagger kit with a fashion theme. So, to make a long story short (too late now, lol) I came up with the new tagger kit called “Fashionable” which you can find in my shop HERE.

Now if you’ve made it through all that then I guess you’re about ready for that freebie I was telling you about. This is a digital quick page that I made years ago and thought someone might like it. I think I used an old Autumn themed digital scrap kit to make it but unfortunately that old kit was lost when my old computer died. So all I have to remember it by is this freebie. You can click on the link below the preview to download.

Autumn QP Freebie
Download from DropBox HERE