Retired Freebies

Okay if you’ve just started visiting my site, you can now find all the links to my older (retired) freebies added to the sidebar area here at my site. I figured it would be a lot faster adding them in a list instead of adding them to a single post for each freebie. Mostly because I have an awful lot of freebies to share with you and I was really just too lazy to create so many posts, lol.

There are a few older retired freebies that I tried adding to the sidebar but for some reason or another the code just wouldn’t work and I kept getting some file errors each time. Gotta love wordpress, lol. I will be adding those links to single posts in the next few days, so be sure and look for those soon.

Now that I think about it, you really should bookmark my site right now so you don’t lose the link when you come back to visit later on. I myself have done that and I can tell you it’s a real pain to back trace all the sites you’ve ever visited just to find the one you’re looking for, lol. So, bookmark me now while it’s on your mind. If you don’t, don’t come complaining about it to me later if you can’t find me. :0)