My terms of use are very easy to remember.
Please read them below and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

Scrapbook Freebies TOU:

Unless otherwise noted; my scrapbook freebies are for YOUR personal use ONLY.

My scrapbook freebies that are labeled “PU/CU” (located in the top right hand corner of each preview) may be used for personal use and/or commercial use.

HOWEVER; CU is not the same as CU4CU. You may NOT use any of my commercial use freebies to create a commercial use product or freebie.
Whatever you create using my commercial use freebies may be sold to others but ONLY as a personal use product.

Just resizing, recoloring and/or cropping my cu scrapbook freebies is NOT enough.
When using my commercial use freebies you MUST incorporate my freebie with another scrapbook graphic. Preferably one of your own.

You may however incorporate my cu scrapbook freebies with another image AS LONG AS the image you are using is labeled as “public domain”.