Paid Members Area Up and Running!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my paid members area is now up and running, woohoo!! lol. I will now add a page where visitors can subscribe to the paid members area. It should take me a few minutes to add that page. Just be sure and keep checking back if you don’t see that page right away. You might also need to reload the page in some circumstances.

So far I have added ALL of my digital kits, all my tagger sized kits (all the older ones and the ones that I retired awhile ago also), all my cu tagger products and all my cu digital products. The download area of the paid members area now has it’s own directory which is also password protected for added security. You will receive the password to the downloads area after you subscribe to the paid members area. Since I am handing that procedure myself it might take a little while before I can send you the email. Please be patient. I WILL send it to you asap!!

Sweetness Tagger Kit Freebie

This tagger sized kit includes 12 papers that measure 800 x 800 pixels and 30 elements in assorted sizes. For your personal use only but please read my TOU before using. I have a tag challenge in the forum using this tagger kit. And ANYONE who participates in the challenge will receive a new tag by yours truly, lol. thanks and hugs, Mod Girl

Sweetness Tagger Kit Freebie

Sweetness Tagger Kit (0 downloads)

You and Me Digital Kit Freebie

This digital scrap kit includes 12 papers that measure 12 x 12 inches (300 dpi) and 50 elements in assorted sizes. For your personal use only but please read my TOU before using. I added a digital layout challenge in the forum using this scrap kit. ANYONE who participates in that challenge will receive a free gift just for participating in it. thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

You and Me Digital Scrap Kit Freebie

You and Me Digi Kit (0 downloads)

About my sites

Hi everyone! Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news, lol. The good news is that I will be opening a paid members area to download all the scrapbook products that I have made over the years. There are over a hundred scrap kits and over a hundred commercial use products that will be available for download inside the paid members area.

Now, the reason why I am going to add back the paid members area is because I was using woocommerce with wordpress as my online shop. Well, I am not sure what is going on with woocommerce lately but the newest update they have has messed up everything in my opinion. You used to be able to set up your PayPal account using woocommerce with wordpress very simply and now they’ve got you jumping through all sorts of hoops to do what used to be a simple process. In other words, they are asking for too much information and want access to your PayPal account in order to setup the system for use. I will NOT be giving my authorization of use to access my PayPal account to ANYONE!

So, since they are now using this (very unsecure) way of doing things, I have decided NOT to setup my shop using woocommerce again. If they ever do go back to the way it was before I might consider it but for now, uh, no.

Oh, and before I forget. I am working on adding a forum here to my site as well. It will be full of activities that members can participate in. They’ll be able to win prizes, play games, do challenges and tutorials as well as, have conversations with other members who love scrapbooking too. I’ll let you know when the forum is setup completely. Right now I am still in the process of creating the paid membership area. When it’s ready to be opened, I will add a page here to my site where people can subscribe to it. And don’t worry the subscription fee will be much more affordable than in the past.