Registration re-opened

I have re-opened the registration here to my site. I am using a new plugin that is supposed to block any spammers from trying to register in the future. Hopefully it will work and I won’t have to come up with some other idea because I seem to be running out of them lately, lol.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hugs,

The tag above was created by me and you can find the set of tag extras for this particular tag at my other site located here:

Registration to site disabled

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I’ve been receiving a lot of spam registrations lately so instead of checking my page every few minutes a day with all these spammers, I decided to shut down registration to my site completely.

Now, I know it’s not YOUR fault that there are these spammers in the world who want to create havoc for us website owners, so if you want to register to my site then send me the following info and I will create a login for you to use. You will receive your login details to this site in the form of an email by way of the email address you sent me in the info below:

#1. The user name you’d like to use when leaving comments here at my site (not all people like to leave comments but this will come in handy should you change your mind in the future)

#2. The email address you’d like to use to sign into my site with. You will need a working email address that you use on a daily basis where I can send you your login details.

I will also create a new simple password that you can use for the first time you login to the site. If you DO NOT like the password I chose for you, you can change that after you login.

You can use the email address below to send me your details:

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

Problems with registering

Hi everyone! I was without internet for almost an entire week and when it finally came back on I checked my email and found out that people were having issues registering to my site. Well, I had installed a captcha tool to check for spam registration and for some reason it wasn’t working as it should. So, I have disabled the captcha tool and now there shouldn’t be anymore problems with registering to my site.

Sorry for the trouble. I only wish that I hadn’t been without internet because I would have learned of this sooner and could have easily fixed it. So, if you had a problem registering you might want to try it again and see if it will work for you now. And again, sorry for the trouble!

thanks and hugs,

Paid Members Area Gone!

I decided to remove the paid members area of my site. No one seemed too interested in joining it so I decided to remove it from my site.

From now, the only things you’ll find here are my freebies which you can download for free just so long as you register to this site. Registration is completely free and will never cost you anything and completely painless to do so.

The reason why I want registered users downloading my freebies is because too many mass downloading has been happening on all my websites. That’s considered stealing. When you bypass the download page and download all the files, yeah. That is called STEALING so from now on ANYONE who wants to download my freebies MUST register first.

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

Updates and more

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! Well, I got a few updates for you today. First off; I decided to remove the forum. No one seems too interested in joining it  so I will be removing it from my website some time today.

The second bit of news; I will be adding back some freebies HERE to my site. However, to keep mass downloads from happening again here at my site, you will first need to REGISTER to this site as a subscriber. That should take care of all those people who keep bypassing my web pages and auto downloading all my files. AND, if that doesn’t help the problem, I will have to do something drastic like password protecting a folder on my site just for registered users. But, hopefully it won’t come to that, lol.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way I can tell you about my other sites. For those who don’t know, I once had some online groups for taggers and those who loved collecting them. Those online groups are now long gone but yesterday I thought I would create a new website using the name from one of those online groups; “Taggers World”. So, that’s what I did, lol.

The main area of the site is where I will update all members on what is going on inside the forum. And the forum is where all the fun stuff happens. Tag challenges, tag games, tag tutorials, tag offers, a downloads area just for members and a whole lot more. I have already created the site itself, but I am in the process of working on the forum, getting stuff added to it like uploading all the downloads for the downloads area and creating tag tutorials that I can add to it later.

so, thanks again for stopping by and hugs,