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Welcome to the forum!

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In order to participate in any challenges, games and other activities here in the forum, you'll first need to register. Registration is validated by the administrator of this forum but you're registration will be accepted as soon as we can get to you. We have set it up this way because we receive so many spam registrations on a daily basis.

Attachments are currently disabled for regular members of this forum and that is because in the past we were overcome with lot's of spam images. So in order to share any images in your replies or posts, you will first need to upload them to a free image host and copy the forum code and come back here and paste that code into your reply or post. Here's a good free image host that you can use:

Also, forum members who have been with us after a period of time WILL be allowed to attach images because they will be shown as trustworthy and not spammers wanting to fill our forum full of spam images and comments.

And finally, we do use a tool to check for spam registrations. So, If you're a spammer and are looking to join this forum in an effort to post spam, you WILL be removed and banned if caught doing so. And if you don't hear back from anyone within 24 hours of registering to the forum, it's because the username or email you are trying to use is in the "stop forum spam" database. So, you'll need to contact THEM to have your username and/or email removed if you are NOT a spammer.
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