Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I am going to go back to using this site as my scrapbook freebies website where visitors can download the scrapbook freebies that I make. I had wanted to create a paid subscription area for paid members that hosted all the scrapbook products (and freebies) that I had ever created. Sadly, this did not come out as planned. I had some problems with a file host who decided to hold all my files ransom until I paid to download each one of them. Of course I had enough sense to not delete any of my files after uploading them to that site or I would have had no choice but to agree to there demands.

It’s pretty sad when you signup with a file host and they tell you your files are private, available for download with no expiration dates and then after so many days they send an email telling you that your files can no longer be downloaded for free unless you pay to download them all. The business tactics they are using are downright dirty and I feel sorry for anyone who uses them in the future.

So, thanks for stopping by and hugs,

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