UPDATED August 28th, 2020

My Personal TOU:

My scrap kits are for YOUR personal use only. They are not intended for commercial use, CU4CU, Scrap 4 Hire, etc..

For Signature Tag Makers

A credit on your tag is required if you use 30% or more of the images from each scrap kit to create your tag. Here is what your credit should look like when added to your tags:

Scrap kit by Mod Girl

For Web Use

My scrap kits are not to be used for web design. You MAY however use my scrap kits to create stationery for emails (Outlook, Thunderbird or Incredimail) AS LONG AS you place credit in the footer of each email with a link back to my site.

About My Freebies:

If you use my cu freebies to create your own graphics and you upload those graphics to the web, then a link back to my site IS REQUIRED! If you create email stationery using my scrap kits and upload them to the web, then a link back to my site IS REQUIRED! Also, follow my terms as described above for my scrap kits. AND, please remember the number one rule when using my freebies; NO File Sharing!